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how come when someone decides to eat only fruits and vegetables people commend them for their “willpower” and “diligence” but when i decide to eat a diet composed entirely of mozzarella sticks and vodka suddenly i’m “out of control” and “putting myself in danger”



Detroit’s fight for public water is also the nation’s | Al Jazeera America

Anna Lappé explains how what happens in Detroit this summer with water shut-offs to the least powerful could affect people in cities across the US. 

I keep putting up links to, and quotes from, news stories about this because I think people aren’t freaking out enough. Detroit is shutting off water for nearly half its residents, with no allowance for people who are elderly or ill. There are so many bad things happening in the world—hell, there are so other bad things happening in Detroit!—that it’s hard to remember how bad this is. They decided, in March, to shut off the water to half the city, a city where 38% of people live below the poverty line.

We do nothing because the majority of those people are African American. This is racist and not OK. Remember how bad you felt when you finally understood what happened in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Don’t feel bad this time. Let the (state appointed! Unelected!) city government of Detroit know that the whole world is watching. Talk about this! 

holy shit. holy shit. what the fuck. this is some straight up dystopian bullshit i will not abide. everybody go chew these assholes out. 



girls are amazing i just watched my friend change 8 times before picking an outfit you girls are so dedicated to looking good i can’t believe there are men out there sitting in their cum stained sweatpants trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear

thank you

HOPEFULLY I might get to work in this lab that I really want to look in that looks super cool and I MIGHT get a neat volunteer opportunity so at this point I’m just crossing my fingers SUPER HARD


Welcome to Night Vale


Welcome to Night Vale


saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire


My dog won by a large amount of votes as ‘cutest pet’ for the local newspaper. But because he’s a pitbull he was not given the prize or recognition. So disappointed with the ignorance of this town. At least I know Valentino is the cutest pet in this town.

"Tumblr is accepting unless you’re white and cis!"


I dunno, man, I fit both those categories and I gotta say I feel pretty fucking accepted here, so…


…maybe …

…it’s because …

…you’re taking someone’s venting …

…about the horrific things that white and/or cis people in general do …

…and instead of analyzing and adjusting your own behavior …

…to make sure you don’t contribute …

…and calling out other white and/or cis people who contribute …

…you’re making it all about you?


when you and your buddy are low on potassium