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Neapolitan cake with macarons chocolate and vanilla cake and strawberry buttercream » Call Me Cupcake


Neapolitan cake with macarons chocolate and vanilla cake and strawberry buttercream » Call Me Cupcake



things “body positivity” movements should address besides weight/fat:

  • (dis)ability
  • features associated with non-whiteness
  • hair type
  • lots of body hair / no body hair / little body hair / hair in all places / losing hair
  • acne 
  • skin conditions
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • skin discolorations
  • different ways that skin tans
  • tanlines
  • etc

so when white feminists show me pictures of fat able-bodied white women with super smooth skin and no discolorations/skin marks and no body hair and say “love your body!!1!” it’s like nope. 

I may be fat but I’m also so many other things that are looked down upon and policed. If your body positivity doesn’t seek to dismantle white supremacy/ableism/cissexism/etc, what good is your body positivity? who is it helping?






There’s a reason why Neil deGrasse Tyson’s views on race are completely overlooked and why even I was never aware of them until recently. Science nerds will make a billion photosets and quotes about the new Cosmos and speak on everything Neil gets into even the science of the fucking Mjölnir…

This is the problem with social activists, right. Why do they place the burden on everyone in society to forward social causes, and then shame them when they don’t? In the field of science views don’t matter, good science does. I don’t give two shits about scientists’ opinions of racism, but I would praise them for raising awareness of good scientific processes and groundbreaking research. The scientific community isn’t ignorant, it is a neutral field for like-minded fellows.

the scientific community isn’t neutral and if you think it has then you haven’t been paying attention for….. ever

sexist evolutionary psychology? scientific community

racist, cissexist, and transmisogynist anthropology? scientific community

lobotomies and shock therapy for people with mental illnesses and/or some atypical neurotype? scientific community

harmful and torturous attempts to cure queer people because homosexuality and gender deviance were (and often still are) considered mental illnesses? scientific community

the big name atheists? like richard dawkins? gross misogynist racist islamophobic dude, and also an icon of “the scientific community”.

that psychology today article about how black women are ugly? written by… a scientist

the word “caucasian”? some archaeologist found large human skulls in the caucasus mountain range, and concluded they must be from white people because larger skulls = bigger brains = smarter

i could go on. and on. and on. the scientific community is full of flawed people (often the most privileged, as they are the ones who have controlled it for so long and still control it today) who are just as much products of their culture as anyone.

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shoutout to oxygen

This is life literally


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Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma





6 Beautiful corsets by RetroFolie!

I don’t understand why more people don’t know of her work, it’s absolutely incredible! This Montreal corseterie bases her designs off of Victorian-cut styles and they have gorgeous curvature. She has quite a few ‘art-history’ corsets with prints from famous (mostly Renascence) paintings (The swing pictured above) and all of her fabrics are so cute and rather posh. Her corsets are made-to-measure and are actually pretty affordable, go take a look! Her work is perfect!

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They don’t appear waist training suitable at all

Why is this unsuitable for waist training? Looks like it has a great deal of curve to it.

I contacted the owner and I was told that for an extra fifteen bucks they would double bone a corset for waist training.


#MyNYPD (Part I)

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Sometimes I feel like I might finally be content with the way I look, and then I look in the mirror and it’s like


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